We Need More UFC Press Conference Brawls

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Brawl

OK, maybe we don’t need more press conference brawls, per se. But there needs to be more excitement and just plain build up leading to the actual fights. We are lacking personalities in the MMA fight game. Fortunately, events like these brawls help build personalities and provides a necessary microscope on the fighters involved.

A lot of people may know Jon Jones as the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and as the brother of NFL players Arther and Chandler Jones. But do people know about Daniel Cormier? Maybe not, but they will know now after this brawl. They’ll know he’s a decorated US Olympian and currently undefeated, and now a fighter with a chip on his shoulder who’s not going to be bullied by the champ. This is what I want. I want to care. And after witnessing the brawl and the interview above, I can’t wait for the fight.

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There’s definitely like people around the world are excited about this fight and UFC 178, as well. For me, I want to be invested in fighters similar to how I’m invested into my hometown teams like the Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners. I’m excited to see whether this shorter and older fighter, in Cormier, can conquer the younger Jones. Obviously, there will be people on the other side of the coin who frown upon this type of event. Reasons range from showing professionalism to even calling out that this is why big sponsors have kept their distance from the sport. All valid reasons, but it is the fight business and not everyone gets the publicity they’re getting right now.

Say what you will, but this brawl has gotten the attention of a lot of the mainstream sports outlets 2 months before the event. Isn’t that what you want from a press conference, especially from one of your best pound-for-pound prize fighters in Jon Jones? I for one am excited to see if “Black Fedor” will be able to take down the champ.