There’s Something About Google Search

There's Something About Mary

I liken this situation with Google Search, plus Your World to a scene I remember from the 1998 classic, There’s Something About Mary. You know the movie with the infamous “hair gel”, the zipper incident, and Warren, the brother who’s always around Mary. I’ll get to Warren in a bit since he’ll be playing Google+. Well, the scene that comes to mind is where Ben Stiller (Ted) walks out on Cameron Diaz (Mary) in the end, even though he still likes her.

So Google, I like you, but there’s no need to bring your little brother, Google+, everywhere you go. I changed the names around to suit the situation and I know it still doesn’t work perfectly, but who cares. Enjoy!

Cast overview (billed chronologically):

  • Healy – Twitter
  • Tucker – Facebook
  • Dom – Myspace
  • Mary – Google Search
  • Magda – Bing
  • Herb – Yahoo!
  • Ted – The User
  • Brett Favre – Advertisers

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