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For the last 9 years, I’ve been playing fantasy football religiously while managing 25 different teams. Of those 25 teams, only two of those teams were managed through the ESPN Fantasy Football and there’s a reason for that. The other 23 teams have gone through Yahoo! Fantasy Football which has consistantly impressed me each of those 9 years. Whether it’s providing the StatTracker, which feeds you real-time stats for your team, or just improving the drafting experience over the years — each year they’ve always provided something new and this year isn’t any different.

This year, Yahoo is having automated articles written for each of the matchups in every fantasy football league every week. Just think about that for a second. Do you know the recaps written after the Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals game? They’re doing that for your fantasy league, excepts it’s for matchups like Capitol Hill Bastos vs. Issaquah. Granted, you may not get the editorial finesse of a writer, but Yahoo just turned your little ‘ole fantasy football legit and breathed more life into it.

The company behind all of this is Automated Insights, who is the leading provider of automated sports content for the web and mobile. They are powering all of Yahoo! Fantasy Football around the world by just looking at the statistics. “In four hours we will produce more sports articles than ESPN, CBS, and FOX produce in an entire year, combined” CEO Robbie Allen says. They say they can create these game recaps at a rate of more than 500 per second. With that speed, you would never think they would churn out articles are so in-depth. Here’s just a snippet:

Renton Hodor Rallies to Beat Capitol Hill Bastos
Week 1: Renton Hodor (83.28) vs. Capitol Hill Bastos (77.02) 

Renton Hodor (1-0) beat Capitol Hill Bastos (0-1) 83.28 – 77.02 with Tony Romo picking up the second-highest point total in the league this week. Heading into Sunday, Renton Hodor was in front 29.48 – 23.52. That lead faded away by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed 65.32 – 47.58. However, Renton Hodor pulled out the victory with a comeback on Monday night.

With this one step, Yahoo and Automated Insights has tapped into the heart of why fantasy football commissioners and owners play the game: to feel more like they are owning a real league/team and more importantly, bragging rights. We may never be Roger Goddell or Paul Allen, but we can always play out your dream through fantasy football and have automated articles narrating your whole fantasy football experience. That’s all you can ask for.

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