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OnTheWay will change the way you plan your road trips. We pull in the best information from various sources like Google Places, Foursquare and more to create a personalized road trip fast and easy. You’ll never miss that tasty local diner or famous landmark on your way to your destination.

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[one_half_last]TeachStreet is a marketplace connecting students who are looking to learn something new with the teachers who teach it. Along with fascilatating the connection between students and teachers, we also provide valuable tools for teachers to help build their teaching businesses online.

I’ve been largely responsible with the Premium Partners product which tied to many of our revenue generating projects. I also help build up the Featured Bloggers product, which help drive thousands of targeted inbound links from education/teaching blogs.

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Math sucks and our kids suck at it. All the educational math games suck out there too. So a group of us at Startup Weekend Seattle EDU came together to take elements of games we’ve played in the past (i.e. Mortal Kombat, Street Puzzle Fighter, etc.) and created DeathMath. A place where you can beat up your opponent by answering math questions faster than them. Super simple, but oh so fun!

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From idea to conception in a matter of 54 hours at Startup Weekend Madrona. is a tool that allows publishers to engage their community while gaining valuable data. With over 4,000+ comparisons made through during the weekend, we were able to win top honor at Startup Weekend Madrona.

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Bringing MMA to the community on The goal was the help promote MMA to a wider audience outside of the ordinary MMA community. By highlighting photographers, artists, writers, personalities, and fighters through interviews, articles, and shareable artwork I was able to cultivated the largest MMA community on with over 100,000+ engaged readers.

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[one_half_last]Pacquiao News

Became the voice of the everyday Manny Pacquiao fan on Twitter. Highlighting the news, photos and videos surrounding the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, we fostered the largest unofficial Manny Pacquiao Twitter with 40,000+ Twitter followers.

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[one_half_last]Seattle Sports News

Solving a problem I had back in 2008 — I wanted to get news surrounding Seattle sports teams in real-time. Using Twitter, I created several accounts to follow news about the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders FC, and Sonics. Along with me, there were thousands of other Seattle sports fans who followed my accounts to get their sports news in real-time.

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[one_half_last]Acadeema Apparel

Acadeema Apparel was a custom apparel company allowing people to express pride in the groups they were a part of. We were able to become the one-stop shop for university organizations, departments, and schools for custom apparel at the University of Washington, Seattle University, and local community colleges.

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