Hello, I’m Joseph. How can I help?

Creative Filipino-American building self-driving products in Seattle.

Product leader focused on designing, building, and shipping exceptional products over the last 12+ years. I am proud to be a key part of two acquisitions from Amazon and Uber. I have a track record of being able to rally cross-functional teams from engineering and design to data science and customer success to align towards a product vision focused on bringing customers delight. I enjoy making folks around me better and having a ton of fun doing it.

Currently, I have been leading product initiatives at Aurora Innovation focused on the mission to deliver the benefits of self-driving β€” safely, quickly, and broadly. Previously, I have led product initiatives at Uber Advanced Technologies Group, Mighty Ai, Amazon, and TeachStreet. I also moonlight as an artist, home cook, and am deeply involved with my family and community.

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