Fat’s Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich

In the corner of what used to be Catfish Corner, back in the day, Fat’s Chicken and Waffles has made its home within the Central District with their tasty fried chicken and their Southern hospitality. Every time I visit, I am always greeted like I am a family member coming over for supper, and today was no different. Not only do they have delicious chicken and waffles, but they also serve up a heap of a fried chicken sandwich meal.

After ordering a Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich ($15 includes a side) with a side of french fries, little did I know what I was going to get. On top of a mountain of matchstick french fries, a large fried chicken sandwich was cut in half. In between a thin layer of french bread, typical for po’ boys, there were layers. I mean layers of fried chicken thighs. I thought to myself, “how am I going to bite into this?”. Once I figured that out, you got a taste of their thick layer of pimento cheese smothered on both pieces of bread. It is definitely an added richness to the whole sandwich. And, if you were looking for crunchiness, you do not get much of that loud crunch here, but they make it up in flavor. Also, in typical po’ boy fashion, the mixture of pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce was there to help balance it out. I really enjoyed the juiciness of the tomatoes, which was a fresh accompaniment to it all.

Just like Mangosteen’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, this was a meal for two people. Half of a sandwich was the size of what you would think a single fried chicken sandwich would be. And along with the fries (or any side of your choice), you could split this with a friend or a loved one and feel happily filled. Then down the meal with some Barq’s Root Beer, and call it a lovely day.

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