Mangosteen’s Fried Chicken Sando

Continuing on this double-fried chicken sandwiches, we head over to Little Saigon to the parking lot between the iconic Phở Bắc Boat and Phở Bắc Súp Shop. There is a stand with a graffiti sign hanging called Mangosteen cranking out tasty chicken wings, sandwiches, boba drinks, and desserts. And you already know, I came for the fried chicken sandwiches.

I ordered a Fried Chicken Sando – Mangosteen-style ($15, includes a side). They have different styles but decided on the namesake which was a mix of fish sauce, Thai chilis, lime, and garlic. That sounds like an umami bomb to me. After biting into this sando, you get a burst of sweet and salty from the Mangosteen sauce coating it all along with the crunchy sounds of a perfectly double-fried chicken breast. It was crunch all around and very juicy, which was surprising with white meat. Though a 36-hour buttermilk brine would do that. To cut through the savoriness, there is a soothing mix of pickled jalapeños, cucumbers, carrots, and daikons. I wish I had more on the side to snack on. The basil garlic aioli marrying all of the flavors tasted like an Asian ranch. The Macrina Bakery bun was a thin layer to hold the massive sando all together, as it was slowly falling apart with every bite. This was delicious.

This fried chicken sandwich was a meal and a half if you are going at it alone, so you are getting a ton of value here. I could easily see this being split between two folks with a side of waffle fries. An a la carte option would be great though to focus on the sando itself. Next time, I look forward to trying out the “KFC” which mixes up gochujang, honey, soy sauce, and garlic. I am all about some spice.

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