Tarsan i Jane’s “The Perfect Fried Chicken Sando”

When you start talking about fried chicken sandwiches, you start hearing more about it. My friend, Daryn, gave me a heads up that Tarsan i Jane was doing a weekend pop-up featuring “The Perfect Fried Chicken Sando”. Pretty bold words to say the least. You had actually had to reserve your sandwich on Tock, which focuses on unique culinary experiences, so my expectations were high. I was lucky enough to grab one this weekend, and it came in a box. Yes, you heard right, a box.

After picking up my serving of “The Perfect Fried Chicken Sando” ($14.99), I slowly opened the box to see a wrapped sandwich waiting to be eaten. Once I unwrapped it, you can already see the fried chicken was going to be crunch and it did not disappoint. Not only was it crunchy, but the flavor-filled and juicy chicken thigh was something surprising. I think it was marinated in some Korean bulgogi flavors, but I might be wrong. I really liked the nice touch with the tangy BBQ sauce, which is a departure to the mayonnaise and aiolis I have been tasting. And the kimchi coleslaw and pickles are always a welcoming accompaniment to cut through the richness of the fried chicken. The sandwich itself was not so big, and the fluffy brioche bun allows you to scrunch it up when going for each bite.

I really enjoyed this Tarsan i Jane’s take on the classic fried chicken sandwich and making it their own. It is definitely a bit of a departure from the typical, but that was the point. And it was a wonderful departure for the new flavors alone. This was part of their “Summer Pop-Up Series”, so definitely be on the lookout for any of their future pop-ups.

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