Jack’s Chicken Shack’s Fried Chicken Sammy

We all know about Jack’s BBQ and their tasty beef brisket among other tasty goodness. So when I heard they were going to getting into the fried chicken game, I was intrigued. If their fried chicken was anything like their brisket, I knew it was going to be good. It seems like they were only serving this up out of their South Lake Union location, so I put in my order online and drove over to grab a taste.

After grabbing the Fried Chicken Sammy ($9.99), the weight of the sandwich was noticeable. It was hefty. Once you bite into it, you get the combination of sweetness from the toasted brioche bun and the aioli to the well seasoned and juicy fried chicken breast. I am not usually a fan of chicken breast in fried chicken sandwiches, but after a buttermilk marinade, it really worked here. The breading and coating on the fried chicken was tasty, but more importantly, crunchy all around. The bread and butter pickles along with the remoulade coleslaw spilling out was a calming presence within the sandwich itself.

All-in-all, this is a nice entrant to the plethora of fried chicken sandwiches here in Seattle. You can also get a “Kicken'” style version of the fried chicken sammy, which is recommended. I would assume that makes it spicy, so if that is your thing definitely give it a go. If you happen to be checking out Jack’s BBQ in the South Lake Union area and want a break from some BBQ, try it out.

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