Milk Drunk’s Basic Fried Chicken Sandwich

This summer, the neighborhood restaurant Homer opened up their new spot Milk Drunk to sell soft serve ice cream and fried chicken sandwiches. I could not think of a better combination myself. As I walked towards the front, there was a long line forming, so I was not alone. After asking a couple of folks who were waiting after they have ordered, “How long has the wait been?”, a good 10-15 minutes was the expectation. So, I got to the front, ordered my fried chicken sandwich and a tasty soft serve to hold me over for the wait.

After a short wait, my name was called and the Basic Fried Chicken Sandwich ($9) was finally in my hands after the ice cream was just settling in my belly. My first bite screamed crunchiness like it was quadrupled fried or something. This was probably the most crunchy fried chicken sandwiches I have eaten to date. I really enjoyed the variety of house pickles, from a watermelon radishes to the typical cucumbers. It balanced the sandwich. The mayonnaise was rich placed in the background and the iceberg lettuce was a clean-cut to it all. The bread itself was hanging in there, somewhat falling apart the further you got, caused by the massive amount of chicken they give you. It was a tasty mess to eat.

This was a delicious introduction to their fried chicken sandwiches. The size of the sandwich was just enough, but I do love me some good ‘ole waffle fries if you are willing. I am eager to try more of their different sandwiches. I am eying “The Homer” because of their whipped garlic. Even if it is just another reason to grab some soft served ice cream, you will find me here again enjoying some fried goodness from this neighborhood establishment.

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