Pioneer Square D&E’s OG Chicken Sandy

I never heard of Pioneer Square D&E Famous Fried Chicken. That is usually not the case, especially with restaurants. My friend, Johan Lieu, recommended it to me on Twitter, so I added it to my evergrowing list of recommendations. Thanks Johan! Known for their fried chicken sandwich, listed as the item that “started it all”, I was excited to bite into soon. After ordering a meal online, I was on my way to the Pioneer Square location to pick it up.

Walking up to the counter, I happily received the OG Chicken Sandy ($12 includes a side) in one of those boxes you would expect from a convenience store selling fried chicken. Loved that. After opening my box with the sandwich in hand, I took a bite. The first thoughts that came to my head were, “Crunchy!” The crunchy exterior was all-around the sandwich; it was off to a great start. The big and thick chicken thigh was juicy and seasoned perfectly with a spice mix I could not pinpoint. They really put “hella” pickles in this sandwich, which I enjoyed a lot. And the garlic aioli was right on the mark between the toasted Macrina Bakery bread holding this simple sandwich altogether without falling apart. The size of the sandwich was perfect.

I am so glad I got to find out about this fried chicken joint because it is definitely one of the tastier ones out there. If you are looking for a tasty fried chicken sandwich that has some tasty sides to boot, like the Mint-Kohlrabi Slaw, come check this place out. I am looking forward to coming back and grabbing this sandwich again or trying out “Pele’s Chicken Sandwich”. I am all about tasting some maple sriracha sauce.

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