SODO Chicken’s Fried Chicken Sandwich

I have always seen SODO Chicken back in the day when I grabbed burgers at Katsu Burger or was in the area to get food at Kauai’s Family Restaurant, but I never actually checked it out. After reading this glowing recommendation, “SoDo Chicken in Georgetown is super solid. It’s super basic but done correctly… And it’s tasty AF.” from my friend Cole Everman, I knew I had to finally check it out. After pulling up to the spot, walked right in to get greeted by some friendly folks who seemed to own the joint to take my order. It was about to go down.

After receiving my piping hot Fried Chicken Sandwich ($6.95), the first thing you notice is the oversized butterflied fried chicken thigh flowing outside of the sandwich itself. You also notice the sesame seed buns, which are toasted with butter or mayonnaise, I was not sure. Either way, I really enjoyed toastiness. After biting into this sandwich, you will notice the seasoning was right on the mark and it was crunchy, just hope I like it. Likened it to just the classic fried chicken you would find in between two bread buns. The pickles were lovely, but I wish they had some more since it was really a good balance to the saltiness of the chicken. In the end, you will find you will still have plenty of fried chicken left after your bun is gone. They are like little chicken nuggets.

There was a lot of beauty in the simplicity of this fried chicken sandwich. No glitz or glamor in this sandwich, just straight to the point. Some tasty fried chicken in between some bread for you to chomp on. I really enjoyed this fried chicken sandwich and would come back again to try out some of their fried chicken meals.

SODO Chicken

SODO Chicken

6538 4th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 898-5862

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